When you just can’t stop working

Tomorrow (Friday), I’ll be going on my first real vacation in two years. I’m thrilled, really. For the first time in a very long time, my family and I are going by ourselves, meaning no parents or in-laws. Don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws and my extended family, but it’s nice to just get away as a single family unit.

As the owner of a new small business, though, I can’t fully stop working while on vacation. I won’t be accessible by phone (we’re going out of the country–and international cell phone calls are just way too expensive), but I’ll be checking email regularly. I also have the goals of accomplishing the following:

  • Draft the syllabus for a class I’m teaching this fall.
  • Clean out my email inboxes.
  • Better organize the people I’m connected to in my networks.

Some might say doing these things when you’re supposed to be relaxing is crazy. Personally, I love to work, and these are the types of activities that tend to take a backseat to my everyday workload. Yet, they’re certainly essential for staying focused and organized. And often, giving yourself the breathing room to get those things done can make the difference between moving forward and running in place.


  1. Mario

    Couldn’t agree w/u more! When u LOVE what u do it’s really not work! I feel your struggle & as a sm biz owner I know exactly whatcha mean. Doing some of those cleanup tasks, really feels good & lifts dead-weight JUST make sure U really spend the time to smell the “vaca” roses – it’s been 2 years – ENJOY THE HECK out of it & take some great vids/photos!

    1. Daniel

      No doubt! I’ve carved out some time for me to do my “work,” but we’ll be doing lots of activities with the kids. Including a botanical garden, so I’ll literally be “smelling the roses.”

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