It’s Come to This…Finally

As many of you know, I left my job at one of Baltimore’s largest integrated communications agencies last October. What only a few people know, however, is that I’m not just freelancing. I started a new company.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to Evolve Communications!

What is Evolve? I’m so glad you asked. Evolve Communications provides white-label digital marketing services to small and mid-sized interactive, marketing and public relations firms. That means that we do all the work–and the agency gets all the credit.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, starting your own business is a big jump. A risky jump in many cases. Fortunately, I’ve some great support from friends and family. And my professional network has kept me jumping since I started (you know who you are–and you guys rock).

I’ll mostly be blogging about digital marketing and PR from the Evolve Communications website, which by the way is not 100% finished (so please take it as it is). This blog will now serve as a place for other types of reflections. Most likely, it will be a meta-blog, meaning that it will be a platform to reflect on the business and life in general.

A huge thanks for all your support.

Evolve Communications is officially open for business!


  1. Paul Capestany

    Nice man… congrats!

  2. Roseann Glick

    Congrats Daniel. Glad to hear you took the plunge. All the best!

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