Websites that Work Seminar (Mini)Series

Have you heard of the Center for Community Technology Services? Unless you’re a nonprofit in Baltimore, probably not. CCTS is a nonprofit that provides other nonprofits with technology consulting and web development services.

I’ve teamed up with CCTS to present two workshops on web design and marketing. The first in the series is called Good Design. Good Content. Great Site. As you might guess, I’m presenting the content portion of that seminar. Specifically, we’ll be talking about big-picture stuff such as identifying and prioritizing audiences (a key early step to developing great site content), as well as some more tactical stuff such as how to make your copy scanable and findable by search engines. Gayle Carney, CCTS’ director, will be covering the design aspect.

The second seminar will actually be a panel called Social Media for Nonprofits, and will feature a few local social media superstars from the nonprofit world, including @amywoo, @robotchampion and Jaclyn Paul of @greaterhomewood. Not only will we be talking about social media tools, but we’ll also be talking about tactics for managing social media, an area many nonprofits struggle with.

Although these are being marketing specifically for nonprofits, anyone can attend. The first seminar is only about 1 week away, so be sure to register before we fill up!

By the way, when you register, you might notice that the description mentions a company called Evolve Communications. That’s me. While I can’t say yet what that is exactly, let me just say that I’ll be revealing that pretty soon!

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    Hey Daniel! You won the Oreck vacuum cleaner! WOOT! Please send me an email with your mailing info and I’ll have the folks at Oreck get you your booty ASAP!

    Congrats! – T

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